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Making house calls since 1908

The Border City Fire Department is located in Upstate New York between Geneva and the Village of Waterloo. The Border City Fire District consists of the Town of Waterloo-west side of Brewer Road and the north west portion of the Town of Fayette. This district covers an approximate 20-square-mile (52 km2) area. The Border City Fire Department runs an average of 150-250 calls per year

The Border City Fire Department was established in 1908 and was originally named Border City Hose Company. In 1950-the Serven Volunteer Fire Company was established because of the heavy train traffic and due to this problem, there was a fatal house fire. That's when a Border City resident,  Mr. Serven built and donated the Serven Firehouse. With both companies. the department was renamed to the Border City Fire Department.

The Border City Fire Department has grown since it's incorporation in 1908.  The creation of the Border City Dive Team and Emergency Medical Services are just to name a couple of ways BCFD has adapted to the way we deliver service to the community we serve, and the department is always looking into the future to better those that live, work and travel through and within our fire district. 

The department is 100% volunteer. All new members must be voted into the department by either company membership as well as the Board of Fire Commissioners. New members must complete New York State Basic Exterior Firefighter Operations (BEFO) to meet basic standards. And attending additional training such as Interior Firefighting Operations (IFO) are highly encouraged!

We are always looking for new people to join our team of dedicated volunteers. Stop by our Fallbrook Street Firehouse to grab an application and meet our members!


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